I am right now on a bus on my way to Chicago for ChiCon 7, aka WorldCon.    My schedule has changed a bit since I posted the preliminary schedule, so here’s the final one.  Now you can figure out how best to go about stalking me.

Thur 4:30-6pm
Logic and Time Travel
Crystal C

Sat 4:30-6pm
The Prime Directive: Altruism or Survival Strategy?
Crystal A

Sun 12-1:30pm
Introduction to Linguistics

Sun 2:30-3pm
Reading (There will be home made treats. You should come find out what they are)
Gold Coast

Mon 1-1:30pm
Christopher Kastensmidt’s Reading (I’m helping)

I will, of course, be stunningly witty and fascinating everywhere I go during the con, but that goes double for panels, and triple for my reading.  You know I’m not lying about the reading, because I’m baking for it.  All my friends will assure you, they love me only for my food.

Wait a minute…

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