A bit over five years ago, the job I had involved spending a lot of time in training classes.  A lot of time.  I hate training classes.  I particularly hate training classes when they involve watching other people do simple things on a computer.  But, that was my life, and I was destined to go insane.

Then a magical thing happened.  John Scalzi blogged about an online magazine having a fundraiser, and would his readers please go give them money.  This online magazine published short stories, a thing I hadn’t paid any attention to since high school when we read them for English class and I finished off my Dad’s collections of golden age SF shorts.  But these were perfect for reading during training.  Even better, these were good.  Really good.  “I should maybe spend some time writing short fiction instead of just novels,” good.

The magazine was Strange Horizons, and they continue to be that good.  They also continue to get all of their funding via fundraiser.  If you don’t read them, go fix that right now.  If you do, think about helping them out.


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