We’re in the second half of December, which means we’re in the part of the year where I forcibly shove my head very far into the sand and try to pretend Christmas isn’t happening.  But it also means it’s time to start planning 2013, and there are going to be some changes around here.  So I’ll share, in case anybody feels strongly about the changes and wants to let me know before I go all, “My blog, my rules, suckerzzz!”  (Well, that is the local policy, but I’m a benevolent dictator, k?)

The first major change is that I’m retiring Lies for Fun and Profit as a regular feature.  It’s been fun, and I’ll probably do one on occasion here and there.  I started it mostly so I’d have a source of easy content while I was in Argentina, and it served that job admirably, with bonus features besides.  But I was doing a really crap job of being at all organized about sending out interviews the whole time, and I’m not going to get better at it any time soon.  As a mess of logistics I’m failing at, it’s not worth it to me with the other things I’ll have going on in 2013.  So, if you want to do a LfF&P interview, let me know and I’ll probably say yes.  But they’re not coming every Monday anymore.

Instead, I’m going to spend Mondays shilling the Strange Horizons podcast.    Because, dudes, I’m in charge of that thing.  And the content I have to work with is so fantastic that as long as I don’t make a total hash of things, it’s going to be a thing worth shilling every Monday.  (I can say that, because I get to read all the SH stories months in advance now.  Muahahaha!)  More important, it’s going to be a thing you want shilled to you.  Probably because I’ll do my best to include hilarious stories of me making an ass of myself.  You people seem to like hilarious stories about me making an ass of myself.  Jerks.

The other semi-regular features on the blog are getting an overhaul for 2013, too.  I’m going to continue the cooking project, but I’ll be damned to nine hells before I’ll spend another year beating my head against the horror that is the Professional Pastry Chef.  And dessert-only wasn’t working so well, because I’m roommates suck at being home enough to eat dessert.  They have lives or something weird like that.  Anyway, I’m probably not going to pick a specific cookbook so much as commit to doing a blogable recipe as close to every week as is feasible.  Lessons, I learn them.

And I’m hereby declaring Phase I of the Query Game complete.  This was originally scheduled for March 2013, but I was much better about sending out queries than I’d anticipated being, so we’re at the “No news means no” phase for everybody at this point.  So, starting in 2013, Fridays are going to be Sentient Domain Fridays.  Pirates, spies and snarky computers, all for you.  (There’s going to be another post with more details about this later)

That, my lovelies, is your forecast for 2013.

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