Y’all ought to remember Damien Walters Grintalis from when she swung by last December to lie to you.  So, how cool was it for me to get to see her story early and podcast it?  Pretty darn cool.  You should check it out.

Interesting anecdote related to the SH podcasts but not this week’s in particular: I have a famously low tolerance for repetitive noises.  Turn signals that go on too long, repeating DVD menu music, song previews in DDR, they’ll all drive me up the wall and into a psychotic frenzy in short order.  This applies to humming lights, wheezing computer fans, and small children, too.

Do you know what the recording equipment I’m filching from Nick likes to do when he’s not in the house?  Buzz.  Buzz a high pitched, horrible, electronic buzz.  Constantly.  I record a thing, I listen to the take, and there’s this relentless whine piercing into my eardrums with a subtext of, “You’re going to be insane any second now, muahahaha!”  It never does this when he’s in the house and could conceivably tell me why his very nice recording equipment is out to get me.

He’s currently in Thailand.

Fortunately, it doesn’t always do it when he’s not home, so I’ve managed to spare you from the torturous, distressing noise that is this special gremlin.  But if see me and I look extra twitchy, now you know.  It’s not that I miss my roommates while they’re gone.  It’s that I miss their magical gremlin-suppressing powers.

Now you’ve had a bonus anecdote.  So really, go check out the podcast.

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