If you guys pay lots of attention to what I put here, then you already know Sarah Pinsker is awesome.  She was an early beta-listener on the podcast and was super useful for keeping me from embarrassing myself.  She also stepped up and volunteered to give us music, then went off with a buddy of hers to compose custom music for us, which is what we’re using.  So yeah, she’s awesome.  Which makes getting to read her story for the podcast extra fun.

Which is, of course, why I spent last week popping drugs and mainlining tea to try getting over a cold that filled my throat with crud and meant I wound up recording in ten minute chunks before pausing to put my voice back into shape.  Because, you know, “I have to live up to being awesome enough to do justice to your awesome which I have personally benefitted from” is the perfect time to have extra challenges.

I am mostly recovered, and get to do the second half the story for next week.  I will clench the awesome, with approximately four pots less tea.  In the mean time, go hear part one.


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