So, we have vegetables.  A lot of vegetables.  We are, as predicted, not keeping up with eating them as quickly as we’d like.  We get our CSA delivery on Wednesdays, and there we were, Tuesday night, with tons of veggies still in the fridge.  Something had to be done.  The name for that thing is “Middle Eastern/Eastern Fusion cuisine.”  Which is foodie speak for, “I was totally making it up.”IMG_6252

Bibimbap is kinda the best thing ever.  To describe it completely inadequately, it’s Korean stir fry.  If you’re at a Korean restaurant, order it.  Order it in the hot stone pot, if that’s an option (and it better be.)  The rice gets nicely crispy in the pot and it’s fantastic.  We had no rice, and no hot stone pots, so I used Israeli couscous and gave up on presenting it remotely correctly.  Actually, I didn’t even look up a recipe for bibimbap.  Best to call this dish “loosely inspired.”IMG_6258

I threw the chicken in with some onion.  I used olive oil and a dash if chili oil.  Then I seasoned it with a mishmash of things.  Honey, because I seem to be putting honey in everything these days, soy sauce, fish sauce, sriracha, sesame seeds, and freshly grated ginger.  I can’t swear I didn’t throw in some other things, but that’s the bulk of it.IMG_6259

I took out the chicken once it was cooked and threw in the vegetables.  This was the entire bunch of broccoli, half the kohlrabi, and a quarter of a cabbage.  Then I threw in more of the same seasonings I put in with the chicken and let the vegetables cook down until they looked done.  Looking done is entirely subjective, especially since this marks exactly the second time I’ve cooked a kohlrabi.  IMG_6261

This is what I decided “finished” looked like.

Then I fried eggs.  Ideally, I’d have deep bowls with straight sides, so you could break the yolk on top of the bowl full of tasty things and mix it in.  IMG_6263This is how dinner wound up presented instead.  I got a lot closer to the right flavor profile than I expected to given my lack of recipe research and just using ingredients I had on hand.  And the couscous worked remarkably well as a rice substitute.  Plus, it was tasty.  I call it a success.


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