2 thoughts on “Sentient Domain: Wrap Up

  1. Unputdownable!

    I liked the strong women characters, it’s not often one sees that. The exploration of the implications of sentience is interesting, in particular the idea of sentient domain – also a great title. I would really like to hear more of the Kempari. Another novel perhaps?

    I had trouble keeping the two sisters apart at first, maybe having less similar names would help. I also wondered about the names Aliph and Bett as they have an older sibling…
    The ending is a bit unclear. I think a certain amount of closure would be better.
    What I disliked was the staking, especially the idea of rape-as-punishment which I find out of place in an otherwise feminist egalitarian novel. The fact that the ICA created and encourage this habit just for fun also makes it hard to see them positively.

    On a more technical note, if you use (up to 12) tags on your posts, they’ll show up in the topic reader. It’s a good idea to check first: if there are few/no posts in the tag, it’s unlikely people follow it. Fiction and Writing are fairly popular, as well as SF, Scifi etc.

    Thanks again for sharing! I hope your writing gets the attention it deserves.

    1. There shall be many more novels in this universe. Lots more of just about everything.

      I actually do use writing tags etc., for some posts. I deliberately didn’t apply those to these because when I published it originally, there was a game where I was going to do special things if chapters hit a certain number of “likes.” The tags you mentioned (as well as food, and cooking) have a lot of people who will just browse the tag and like everything without reading it, hoping to drive traffic to their blog. I didn’t want that hopeful circle-jerkery to inflate the numbers for the game.

      Thanks for reading! Keep your eye out – I’m pretty good about making announcements about sales and whatnot here.

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