One of my long term goals for the podcast is to have it turn me into a rock star.  I can show up at stadiums full of people demanding to hear me read awesome stories.  I’ll come out, shout “Hello Strangers!” into the microphone, and the crowd will go absolutely wild.  I have a lot of long term goals for the podcast.  And a lot of quirky fantasies.

It’s not as weird as you’d think, though.  I already get to use the podcast as an excuse to swap emails with people who are a little bit like rock stars already.  It’s official podcast policy – I will ask every author, at a minimum, how they want me to pronounce their name.  This even applies to people I’ve met.  I will send that email.  I will ask, at a minimum, that question.  Which means I’ve gotten to swap emails with some pretty cool people.  And for this week, it was Charlie Jane Anders.  Dudes, I already so cool by association, my stadium of screaming fans is coming at any moment.

Which is a lot of very silly build up to saying you definitely want to check out this week’s podcast.  Because Charlie is fabulous, and you want to hear me reading about porn stars and hamster poop.

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