Roommates out of the country, fridge full of veggies, and I don’t actually feel much like cooking.  I have a few friends who I ridicule extensively for having empty, depressing kitchens and never cooking.  But if I’m being honest, cooking for one is in fact not much fun, and a good third of what makes their kitchen depressing is the implication that they’re not having enough opportunities to cook for other people.

Which is to say, I got experimental.  I read this recipe, then wandered off to the kitchen to cause dinner.IMG_6827

Isn’t that a pretty radish?  I’m not super familiar with radishes as an ingredient I use – I eat them when restaurants put them in things and like them – but before the CSA wouldn’t have ever thought to pick up radishes for me to use.  They’ve got a nice crunch, though, do a remarkably nice job of tasting like spring, and the color is really nice to see on your plate.  I’m a fan.IMG_6830

Also, since you can eat them raw, the part where I have no idea how to tell whether a radish is “done” doesn’t matter at all.  Yay!IMG_6831

We had green onions in the fridge that were starting to look distinctly unhappy.  So I chopped up all of them and tossed them into the skillet with the radishes.  There’s also a healthy, generous portion of butter in there.  IMG_6835

Then I scooped all that out, and threw a chopped leak into the skillet with one of our frozen chicken stock cubes and a cup of water.  No idea how long that ought to go either, but I let it cook down until most of the liquid was gone, then added some butter.IMG_6837

Foy, by the way, has gotten quite productive.  Both kinds of basil and the dill have taken to pressing themselves against her grow lights with a vengeance, so I’ve been having to harvest from them every day, sometimes twice.  Suddenly, I have an awful lot of fresh basil and dill.  So I figured, what the hell, let’s chop up some basil and toss that in, too.IMG_6838

In goes the basil and, my brain prompted me from that half read recipe, I should probably toss in a bit of lemon juice.  So I threw that in at this stage, where things are more saucy than soupy, too.  Then the radish got tossed back into the skillet to mix it all together.IMG_6843


Viola!  Home cooked veggies, with a side of burrito-from-freezer.  This was incredibly tasty, and the lemon juice is what made it – I’m really glad I remembered that part.  This is probably more of a side dish and could easily serve three or four people for that function.  I, uhm, ate all of it.  Could not resist the lemon-butter-onion awesome.  This is a thing you should do.

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