Hey guess what today is.  Tuesday!  I love Tuesday!  Okay, that’s a lie.  Tuesday and I are locked into an eternal battle of mutual loathing and persecution, which I tend to lose.  (It’s not my fault, Tuesday cheats by making the day start before 10am)

It’s also the day my latest story in Lightspeed goes up on the internet for free.  You can read it here, and the interview they did with me for it here.  I have no idea what’s in the interview; I was in Chicago and a smidge distracted when I did it and since it’s Tuesday, don’t have time to read it over now.  Go find out if I made an ass of myself and let me know, ‘kay?

While I’m linking you to neat stuff you should click through to, Lightspeed is helping Women Destroy Science Fiction.  I’m destructive and female.  This is cool.  They’ve got a Kickstarter going.  Even if you don’t want to give, knowing it exists is likely to make your day better.

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