It’s WisCon this weekend, and I’m trying super, super hard to take the whole weekend off form work and actually be at WisCon.  I’m even on programming for once, so you know I’m serious.  (I also am planning to make sure I get my bubble tea fix ahead of time so that, unlike last year, I don’t have “Tapoica tapoica tapioca, NEED TAPIOCA,” as my constant subtext)

Here’s my schedule:


Tiptree Bakesale – 12:45 – 2:15.  Come buy baked goods for a good cause.  I’ll sell them to you!


With Jetpacks to the Dragon’s Lair 2:30-3:45 – a reading featuring Alisa Alering, Anaea Lay, Sarah Frost, Vylar Kaftan, and Keffy R. M. Kehrli.  Speaking of baked goods, there will be some.  I will be breaking from typical form and reading something I’ve planned ahead, instead of making the audience choose their own fate.  There are reasons for this, but they’re boring, so I’ll let you make up your own explanation.

Towards a Female Gaze 4-5:15 – How can media move from the default hetero male perspective to another way of seeing? What intermediate steps can help the audience learn to see differently? Moderator: Jim Hudson. Email fellow participants Jim Hudson, Anaea Lay, Jessica Plummer, Margaret Swaney, Aileen

I plan to bounce enthusiastically while talking about how sexy Arrow is and oversharing about how much fun it is to sit in the Archives-Navy Memorial D.C. metro stop and cat-call the sailors in uniform. You cannot bear to miss this.

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