If you ever wanted to know what a story about a sex bot, as penned by me, would look like, you’ll have to keep looking.  I don’t pen things – I’ve been chained to my keyboard since I was eight.  But if you’d like to know what a story about a sex bot, as banged out on a keyboard by me looks like, you should check out the latest episode of Escape Pod.

They put an adult content warning on the front of the episode for language.  There are instances of “language,” in the story.  But, in case you are somebody for whom adult contents act as more than an enticement, you should be warned that this is a story about a sex bot.  It opens with a…well…with the main character doing her thing.  “Language” isn’t what I’d have flagged as the warning for this story.

This is technically the second time I’ve had an audio version come out with the first printing of a story, but since the last time I was the one who did the podcast, this feels like the first.  That’s a very cool thing for me, what with my opinions about audio fiction.

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