A while ago, while my parents were searching desperately for something nice they could get my sister, I suggested to them that she’d really appreciate a tablet, and that Wacom makes the best ones so they should get her one of those. She got it for her birthday, fell in love, and has been using it to produce works of amazing awesomeness ever since.

Only hitch was that I fell in love with it too. I don’t really do much arty stuff, though I like to, and no matter how I sliced it couldn’t justify getting myself one, or even asking for one, because there was always a good chance I wouldn’t use it. But there was much lust, and my sister knew about it, and let me play with hers when I visited the parents, and I never finished anything because I keep my visits to them short.

Then comes this summer when, for reasons I can’t quite fathom, I decided to spend two months visiting family. It would give me a chance to do the hundred little things I’ve been needing to get done and haven’t had the time for, be a last chance to hang out wid ma baby sista before she dashes off to college and realizes that supporting me in my old age is not a good life goal, and okay maybe I can fathom some of the reasons but it was a poorly thought out decision. Anyway, I had a plan, and it involved spending hours on my sis’s computer, playing with her tablet, while she was away at work.

I get here, ready to scoop up tablet time, and she doesn’t have a job yet, spends all of her time on her computer, and gets huffy with me because I keep pointing out that applying over the internet is great, but we’re in the backwoods here and most people don’t check their email. Alas, my dreams of finally getting quality time with a tablet are dashed, I’ll just have to finish that insurance claim for the jewelry that got nabbed by the burglars instead.

Apparently, while family struggled to figure out what to get me for my birthday (“Nothing! I will not move more shit!” I cried in response to this question. “Or maybe a tiny little gift card to Borders.”) she betrayed knowledge of my secret lust. Research was done, Wacom was still the best darn tablet makers out there, and now I’ve got me a shiny little tablet. And it works perfectly, beautifully, absolutely I’m-not-going-to-pay-attention-to-anybody-for-weeks-now fantastically with Ubuntu.

Excuse me while I go learn to draw.

One thought on “My sister is a little beast

  1. Mrrrm. I feel you –my sister is a totally brilliant artist, and has just gotten a tablet, though I don’t think it’s as good as a wacom.
    I can’t draw for shit, but ohman. I wants it.

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