This week I got paid to go to classes and learn very simple, highly boring, front-end user stuff. Then I got paid to play with the front end. And then to study the giant manual full of how-to’s for the program. And when I couldn’t handle staring at it and going, “Haven’t studied for a test yet, don’t think I’m going to start now,” I got paid to fiddle with CSS and redesign graphics in GIMP for a new internet UI because there’s a contest running for that and I’m doing my entry during work. I won’t win, but hey, it beats the pants off re-reading common sense.

And after work Thursday I played Mafia, and Friday I made a character for a D&D campaign that might not suck. (Much more excited about the running mafia game, but that might be because it’s a group of 18 highly amusing geeky people instead of 6. It certainly wouldn’t be because I adore games based on backstabbing and lying.)

I picked up a real estate brochure and it looks like I might need to stop joking quite so much when I talk about buying a big house in the woods in a year or so. There seem to be lots of big houses in the woods, and they seem kinda reasonably priced. Trees = no grass = no need to mow it.

Got a router today so Don and I can be on the internet simultaneously. That means I can connect to work from home, which means that on the days where I’m supposed to sit in my office and study, I can sit on my couch and watch movies instead.

Oh, and not being poor anymore means that a trip to the grocery store involves buying three different kinds of meat and ice cream, and no need to worry that the groceries are too copious and heavy to get home on foot. I’m eating three meals a day regularly for the first time since…elementary school?

Still too many cornfields and no tall buildings. The happy drugs in the water are still not working. I’m just too busy with great stuff that have nothing to do with where I’m living to care much that the place sucks. And I should start traveling heavily by the end of October, so I might never care. And they’ll take into account where I want to go when they do the assignments. No promises of course, but they asked for a list, which is sweet.

I’m still intending to rant at length about feminism. I’m just having trouble working up the appropriate amount of ire.

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