Yes, I am on Facebook now, with my real name and everything. No, I will not be your friend. It’s just for the Real Estate thing. Unless you’re planning to buy or sell a house in the United States and want to keep in touch with my professional, salesperson persona, you do not care about this Facebook page. Facebook is still creepy and unwanted. It’s just that my creepy-tolerance thresholds change when there’s lots of money involved. If you want me being publicly me on the internet, this is still your one and only place. You know its true because on Facebook there will be no cussing, and no parrots.

2 thoughts on “Facebook

    1. Re: Coincidence?
      Yeah. I actually talked to him about my resignation to needing a facebook account to avoid looking like a luddite with the Real Estate thing. That post was what reminded me that I still hadn’t actually bitten the bullet and given in to the creepy.

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