I did not go to the Capitol on Thursday.  Instead I caught up on work things that give me an income, and started organizing “things.”  If you know my real name and want to be my friend on Facebook, I broke down yesterday and started actually using it.  Too much planning was happening there and getting things second hand was driving me nuts.

In lieu of a rambling post with pictures and observations, I’ll give you links and event info.

The transcripts of the prank Koch call.

– A partial answer to my question about this generation’s protest music. (h/t Nick Mamatas)

Me being much more coherent on the FrumForum than I have been here.

– Steven Colbert is brilliant.

– Many of pictures in several albums from me.  More from other places.

– I’m hosting a board game party at the Capitol tonight.  Everybody is invited.  For more information, or to be in the loop on where I set up camp, shoot me an email or *gasp* accept the invite on Facebook.  (I feel so dirty now)

– Oh, we’ll be spending the night with cops.  That’s right.  Tonight I’m sleeping with a bunch of policemen.  I assure you, nobody saw that coming.

I’m thinking of hosting a “write-in” where I get every writer I know in Madison to hang out and bang out prose at the Capitol.  Contact me if you want in on that. (I can picture the marketing copy now: Written on a netbook while fighting injustice and oppression at the Madison, WI state capitol…)

That’s it for now.  I’m going to take a more laid-back approach to the blogging from here on out, only posting particularly interesting things about protests instead of everything that comes into my head.  I probably will continue obsessively taking pictures and uploading them to Picasa.

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