I have taken it over. We’re on twitter, Facebook, and gmail as pplsmediacenter. We’ll keep you updated on news from inside the Capitol.

On a completely different note, I’m getting hits from Facebook. Where are those coming from?

2 thoughts on “The People’s Media Center

  1. People like me who have been inside and out and have been following through twitter and friending on facebook to keep up on what is happening inside when we aren’t there. I can’t remember whose facebook post I got your link from. I was there Sunday night, but had to go home, weasled back in Monday and then stayed until after the budget address, but had to leave (I had a concussion, from slipping on some ice Monday before I came back inside). I am truly shocked and angry that you are all still in there and the doors are not open yet!. I have missed classes for two weeks straight, but might find my way back in this afternoon before close, we’ll see.

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