The hullabaloo on the local political front this week is about people going after Chief Tubss’s job.  You can get a quick overview here.  Some of the articles about it this week have been spectacularly bad pieces of journalism – there was one where the sum total of the content was, “Somebody wants an investigation into something so they can try firing Tubbs.”  Didn’t list Nass as the rep doing the instigating, didn’t say anything about laxity in February and March.  Truly the local news coverage is made of rigor and quality.

I’ve talked about Grothman and the police dynamics in the protests before.

Anyway, I’ve been watching this meme develop over the course of the week and I have to say, I’m with the Republicans on this.  I wish the police had stormed the crowds in February.  Things would be so much better if they’d come riding in on horses and sprayed gas and rubber bullets.  And here’s why: The entire. World. Was watching.  There were news cameras everywhere.  Do you know what we could do with international footage of cops charging teachers, firefighters, college students, and elderly hippies?  Seriously.  I kept showing up at the Capitol in a suit so I could use my mug shot on my business cards, and the police never once gestured toward obliging me with an arrest.  That’s really frustrating.

I’m not really sure why Nass thinks that having an outmanned, highly observed police force storm a crowd would keep nails out of a Senator’s driveway.  I think it would have been more likely to provoke a riot, get some people hurt, maybe have a few things burn down.  But hey, this whole process has been entirely too peaceful, respectful, and full of signing for my unrestrained aggressive side.  For some reason, nobody wants to blow things up, and the only people willing to crack jokes about physical violence are the ones too apathetic/lazy to actually get involved.  It’s like these annoying protest types are too invested in the success of their society to tear it apart.  Or something.  Losers.

Next time, I’m coordinating protest dynamics with Nass.  Clearly he’s more on my page for how this political conversation ought to go.


P.S. Dear FBI: I’m being facetious.  Please don’t storm my house to thwart my violent uprising; it’ll upset the cat.

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