This is a harder decision than you might think.  There are four candidates running in the primary for the Democrats.  None of them inspire me.  Worse, at this point, all but one of them have managed to annoy me, or have others annoy me on their behalf.  (Note to campaign organizers everywhere: I gave my email address to those lists because I want to recall Walker, not because I want six emails a day asking for five dollars)

I was getting crabby about the decision, especially since so many people look scandalized when I tell them I don’t bleeding care which of the Democrats win; I’m anti-Walker, not pro-Dem.  My decision was going to come down to staring hard at polling data and then holding my nose.  We all know how much I love doing that.  Then something brilliant happened – a candidate who inspires my enthusiasm.

This is me announcing that I’m officially backing Arthur Kohl-Riggs in the primaries.  I’ll go so far as to announce that if he wins the primary, I’ll break my temporary ban on voting for anybody on the Republican ticket and vote for him in the general election, too.  I like his campaign.  I like his policies.  “Less of a joke than Scott Walker,” is going to be my favorite campaign slogan forever.

Seriously, this is a personal wet dream of politics.  I get to do the right thing by voting for a Republican, and still feel evil for doing it.  Do you believe in doing the right thing?  Art for Gov.  Do you want to be evil? Art for Gov.

Do you want to recall Walker?

Art for Gov.

Guys, let’s win this thing a month early.  Art for Gov.

Note to anybody looking for more substantive data in the endorsement: I know this guy.  He was there the week I spent in the capitol.  He’s sensible, thoughtful, working with good people on his campaign, and practical enough that if he does become Governor, he will not screw it up.  If you want more information, let me know and I will make sure you get it.

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