For any of you who just don’t hang out with me enough, or hear my dulcet tones reading enough fiction, or have a burning need to ask me questions in a public forum, you’ve got some opportunities to get those needs fulfilled coming up.

First of all, I’ll be doing a reading/signing thing at A Room of One’s Own here in Madison on May 8, at 6pm.  You should come hang out.  It’s entirely possible I’ll bring something of a food-like nature to bribe people into liking me.  It’s extremely likely that I will at some point get confused and forget my name.

I’ll also be part of a big AMA on Reddit on May 13.  You should check that out, especially since it’s a Tuesday.  Nothing ever goes hilariously wrong on Tuesdays!  Wait…

No baked goods at the AMA.  I wouldn’t want to clog up the tubes that power the internet with crumbs.

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