July 15 – Cat Pictures Please by Naomi Kritzer – Published in Clarkesworld January 15, 2015.

August 13 – …And I Show You How Deep The Rabbit Hole Goes by Scott Alexander – Published at Slate Star Codex on June 2, 2015.

September 14 – steve rogers: pr disaster by Idiopathicsmile – Published at Idiopath-fic-smile’s Tumblr on April 23, 2015

October 15 – Let Us Now Praise Awesome Dinosaurs by Leonard Richardson – Published by Strange Horizons July 13, 2009

If you have stories you’d like in the queue from November on, let me know!

2 thoughts on “Craft Crucible Schedule

  1. I continue to be thrilled by how many people are familiar with Scott Alexander! 🙂 Are you a regular reader of his? I’m looking forward to August.

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