The romance market is a complicated beast with dozens of sub-niches and different standards and expectations for each of those niches.  Editor-author match is very important for making sure the book is true to itself, and delivering on its promise.  Part of that is the author knowing which section of the romance market they want to aim for.  Another part is ensuring that the editing is done with those goals in mind.

With that said, here are things you should know about me that are relevant to my romance reading:

  • I’m a straight, polyamorous, cis-woman with no personal attachments to the concepts of marriage, true love, or soul mates.
  • I adore love stories
  • And sexy stories
  • And sexy love stories
  • I’m particularly fond of M/M parings, but happily read any mashup of any genders. (Note: I am not qualified as a sensitivity reader for trans and non-binary characters and will not offer to read as one.)
  • I’m enthusiastic about reading poly romances.
  • Also, most kinks.
  • Scatalogical kinks, however, are not my thing.  I’m not your best reader for those.
  • Jealousy and possessiveness as character motivation are not endearing to me. If these are traits you’re deliberately using to signal attraction, attractiveness, or fidelity, I am not the right editor for you.
  • Crime is sexy. And romantic.
  • I’m personally a giant sloppy fan of a well-executed rejection of HEA and HFN.  If your ending would clearly be stronger if it weren’t a HEA or an HFN and you went for that anyway, I am going to push you to earn it.
  • Genre blending is great.
  • I will edit your paranormal romance differently from your romantic Urban Fantasy.

To give you a sense of my taste, the following is a (not remotely complete) list of romance titles and series I’m particularly fond of:

  • Coming Home Series, Jessica Scott
  • Forever Man, A. J. DeWall
  • Jane Eyre, Charlotte Brontë
  • Fingersmith, Sarah Waters
  • First Time with a Highlander, Gwyn Cready
  • Jaran, Kate Elliott
  • Sacrati, Kate Sherwood

Think we might be a good fit? Contact me at editoranaea at gmail dot com with questions, or fill out the author query form.