Since I have been steadily getting various friends hooked on Doctor Who by going “Here, watch these truly spectacular episodes. Okay, now that you’re addicted, we’ll go through it all starting at season one and skipping the crap,” I now have many friends who are hooked, but haven’t seen season 1. Some of them mention wanting to go back and watch it. In particular they want to know what’s up with the Bad Wolf nonsense, so the season one finale is of particular interest. Now, I recall a brilliant fan vid I saw around the time which summarized the two parts of season one while nicely lampooning the ridiculous bits. There were repeated references to the big yellow truck. The soundtrack was original for the video since the lyrics summarized what was going on, but I think the tune was copied. It was paced at badger badger snake speed. I cannot for the life of me find this video.

Anybody else remember it? Have it bookmarked? Have better google skills than me? Somebody? Anybody? Please? The internet seems to ignore Eccleston in favor of Tennant fan vids. I am totally in favor of that as a set of priorities, I just really want to find this particular video again.

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