Just got back from visiting the family for Christmas. There were no actual fights. There was no yelling. I did not actually keel over from embarrassment and disappointment when I found out that my grandfather, the relative who played a large part in making following the news and then yelling about people being idiots while reporting seem normal, watches Fox news unironically. I saw a lot of my sister (and her friends and boyfriend) which is awesome. I opted for getting sick before Christmas instead of after, which I think is better. I got clothes I need with minimal shopping on my part.

And I got home to find a terribly sick cat who, it turns out after many hours at the emergency vet before finally checking her in for the night, has liver disease, possibly induced by the cat belonging to the asshat neighbors next door, possibly because she’s spent too much time alone lately. If she starts eating tomorrow everything’s ok. If she doesn’t then things start looking bad really, really fast.

Dear Christmas,

I still fucking hate your guts. Family discord is par for the course, expected, and practically a cliche. Messing with my cat is low. Go to hell.


Anaea Scrooge.

2 thoughts on “Christmas sucks

    1. Hard to say. Her liver values were improving as of her followup appointment on Thursday, but she’s still throwing up yellow fluid instead of eating the vet thinks she might have FIP. She got more fluids on Thursday and has seemed a bit more like herself since then, but definitely hasn’t bounced all the way back yet.

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