I’m supposed to start my new job tomorrow. Instead I’ll be desperately trying to get out of Detroit. Again. This city hates me. Possibly just the airport, but that’s a distinction about which I care not one whit.

So glad I overpacked on the reading material. I am so very vindicated for every single one of you who laughed at me over it.

That said, the last two weeks have been so thoroughly marvellous that the angry, frustrated part of my brain keeps drowning in the giddy, happy rest of my brain. So take that, Detroit. Nyah!

5 thoughts on “Detroit

      1. I spent 1.5 hours on the runway in New York while a thunderstorm went by. This made me ten minutes late for my connection and they did not hold the plane. They told me they held it and that i should run after it, but this was a lie!

      2. Oh wow, I completely was not thinking of you at all while it was thunder storming. (I didn’t notice the storm until well after I thought you were gone, though.) The radio said yesterday that there was hail in Jersey and I think parts of the city.

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