Turning the Whisper is live on Apex and you can go read it now. If you’ve read Sentient Domain then you’ll probably be happy to note that the story is about Mike and Pavi.  If you haven’t read Sentient Domain, you’ll be happy to note that it won’t matter.

I really thought this story would be impossible to sell.  It turned out to be rather easy.  Apex, man.  They have fantastic, quirky taste.  I also thought this story would be impossible for one person to read successfully.  Then I proved it by reading it at WisCon.  Yeah, not doing that one again.

Other news (reported late because I have been distracted and busy, not because it isn’t awesome and worth bragging about): Canon made Ellen Datlow’s long list for Year’s Best Horror Honorable Mentions. For the in-the-know among you, yes, I was properly boggled and speechless. For the not-in-the-know, this is somewhat like getting told that while you weren’t in the final running of people to get to go to the Olympics, you were in the group of people who were good enough, if only there hadn’t been people who were better around. And that’s the last sports analogy you’ll hear form me for ages.

And apparently I forgot to mention, so people missed, that I won third place in Writers of the Future?  That happened.  It’s exciting, and full of prize money and (mostly) free trips to California to meet cool big name people and whatnot.

And this is only related to the things preceding it because it involves me linking to a thing, buy hey, did you know that the Strange Horizons fundraiser is this month?

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